WE ARE sustainable.
WE ARE responsible.

Commitment to the environment is a path which Samo, as a pioneer, has always taken, without ever stopping. The realisation that you can never feel "sufficiently" satisfied with your own actions and behaviour in favour of a truly sustainable economy is clear and distinct. We have set out below the main stages of a journey undertaken in support of the planet, its resources and the people around us.

Our Initiatives

Always or almost always: Samo obtained the first EPD declaration for a selection of shower walls, thanks to work started in 2015 and carried out in partnership with the "Shower Cabin Technical Working Group" within Assobagno. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independent and internationally recognised environmental declaration that highlights the environmental performance of a product through the use of objective, comparable and credible information, taking into consideration variables such as energy consumption and raw materials, atmospheric emissions, waste production and discharges into water bodies.


Samo has the CO2NO certification that certifies the reduction of CO2 emissions during the manufacture of the shower products, and the carbon dioxide compensation of all the marketing activities of the Samo brand, through the acquisition of Carbon Credits. CO2NO works in the field of communication and energy to build concretely green paths together with companies, organisations and communities.


When environmental issues were still in their infancy, Samo had already created the first 100% eco-friendly shower enclosure in collaboration with Legambiente, made of 100% recyclable materials - with recycled PET walls. It was, therefore, natural that Samo itself would sign onto a project such as "Save water" – towards the promotion of a conscious and responsible use of water - which promotes daily sustainability through behaviour that enables correct and waste-free use of the most precious commodity: water.


"OSCAR …per tutti", the non-profit organisation created to finance research projects to support the specialisation of young doctors in the field of oncology, was founded in 2007, and was created in remembrance of loved ones who succumbed to the disease. The researchers Mario De Bellis, Fabio Bagante, Andrea Peloso and Chiara Gabbiani were the first to take advantage of the four 20,000 euro scholarships to establish ever more efficient Scientific Research. The rates of healing of some cancers have increased dramatically thanks to the intensification of medical research and networking with specific primary institutes (AIRC – University of Verona) with which our non-profit organisation also collaborates by allocating the funds received, the result of numerous initiatives of friends and supporters: many small payments for a common goal that actively unites us.

Per noi la “Responsabilità Sociale” è una vera e propria missione che ci accompagna da sempre, e che ha contribuito a rendere SAMO punto di riferimento per il mondo dell’arredobagno, dei clienti e di tutte le risorse umane chi vi operano. Tutto ciò si traduce in impegno sociale, solidarietà, benefit per dipendenti e famiglie, sostenibilità, attenzione al territorio attraverso iniziative ad hoc, e, non ultimo, collaborazioni con il mondo Accademico.

Un impegno costante, vivo e parte della nostra quotidianità.
CEO – Denis Venturato