The Samo brands

SAMO - Technology and innovation for your shower wall

Samo expresses the continuity between the past and the future of showering, responding to market developments with innovative solutions and the determination of those who have always represented the Italian shower experience. Research and innovation make space through cutting-edge shower solutions like the strategy that animates the brand. Walls, closures, finishes, mass-produced and custom-made products, for hotels, cruise ships, and all kinds of accommodation: Samo technicians and designers have been developing increasingly high-performance solutions for over 60 years, the only ones capable of making the shower space a unique experience. The space everyone deserves.

LINEABETA - The everyday design for a new bathroom concept

For over 40 years Lineabeta has been synonymous with Italian design, almost half a century of "accessible luxury". Lineabeta interprets the bathroom space, combining daily needs with a contemporary and functional aesthetic that is spontaneous, ironic, simply beautiful and extremely customisable, product by product.

Simply put, Lineabeta is everyday design for you, and us.

DOLCEVITA - Class and elegance for your wellness

Dolcevita is the iconic brand whose very name already promises a unique atmosphere, like the luxury that is found in every element, starting with a selection of shower closures inspired by an ideal of essential luxury and characterised by clean shapes. Dolcevita means enriching the bathroom space with unprecedented high quality finishes - such as black, in particular glossy, pink gold and satin-finished - digital print graphics. All harmonised by a style that adds finesse to the elegance, and exclusivity to the inherent class.