Wall Panels STONEFIT

The new line of Wall Panels by Samo completes the range of STONEFIT shower trays, offering an aesthetic solution that gives continuity and with a great visual impact. The STONEFIT Wall Panels are ideal for new installations and for renovations. They find their best expression in situations where the bathtub has to be to transformed into a new and current Shower stall. Your bathroom will thus acquire a modern perspective and in step with the times. STONEFIT Wall Panelling are available in the same texture and in the six chromatic gradations of the STONEFIT Shower trays. Create the effect you like thanks to the possibility of mixing the different and appealing colours, or choose a solution of continuity by matching to the STONEFIT shower tray with a Wall Panel of the same hue! The Wall Panels can be cut to size on site through the use of specific (flex-type) tools, to form multiple combinations.

Prodotti Speciali?

Al fine di rispondere alle frequenti esigenze di personalizzazione non solo per realtà abitative,
ma anche di specifiche realtà come Hotel, Motorhome, Navi da crociera, Beauty farm,
Samo ha maturato una lunga esperienza anche nella
realizzazione di soluzioni speciali.

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