Shower Trays STONEFIT

The STONEFIT shower base line offers a wide color scheme with trendy colours for those who want to stay up to date with fashion and design: black, white, arctic white, grey, sand, and dove-grey. The new embossed texture makes showering an unforgettable experience, while also guaranteeing stability and safety with its anti-slip feature. STONEFIT is also synonymous with "custom made", thanks to its availability in specially requested measurements by the centimetre. The cut of the base can be done in width, as well as in length: the nature of this material allows it to be cut and shaped as desired, leaving the customer to run free with creative expression. Moreover, the possibility of requesting specific shapes guarantees an optimal solution for all circumstances: obstacles and columns can now easily be overcome thanks to the ability to shape the base with the use of specific tools.

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Al fine di rispondere alle frequenti esigenze di personalizzazione non solo per realtà abitative,
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