Europa combines functional, sturdy, practical characteristics with a sophisticated style, for the utmost freedom of movement in the bathroom area. The main changes in the new Europa series are the increased height and the slimmer vertical profiles and tracks, which create a more streamlined, minimal effect while maintaining the sturdiness that has always been a hallmark of the Classic shower collection by Samo. Especially striking is the dual “soul” that coexists in the Europa series: Europa SP completes the range of classical models with the inclusion of some variants without the bottom profile. These distinctive features, together with sophisticated details such as the addition of a distinctive new handle and a number of new technical improvements are designed to make Europa the perfect choice for customers looking for a designer shower cabinet that’s also sturdy and practical.

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Al fine di rispondere alle frequenti esigenze di personalizzazione non solo per realtà abitative,
ma anche di specifiche realtà come Hotel, Motorhome, Navi da crociera, Beauty farm,
Samo ha maturato una lunga esperienza anche nella
realizzazione di soluzioni speciali.

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