Ciao is a Samo series, which lies as a entry level product in shower segment. Its characteristics are well summarized by the name: Ciao is a simple, without too complicated for who installs and uses it, it is essential, no-nonsense, yet it is solid, with little maintenance and ensures reliability that endures in time. Simple to install, easy to use, easy to clean and created with a range of response from many years of requests user. Various sizes and models for one, two, three sides, for rounded shower trays and bath tubs. The technical characteristics are extendibility, reversibility, side combinations and out of square wall adjustments. The composing panels are in polystyrene or in tempered glass. All the models are characterised for their adaptability to always offer the right solution. A small price for a product that offers top class quality and solutions, this is Ciao!this is Ciao!

Prodotti Speciali?

Al fine di rispondere alle frequenti esigenze di personalizzazione non solo per realtà abitative,
ma anche di specifiche realtà come Hotel, Motorhome, Navi da crociera, Beauty farm,
Samo ha maturato una lunga esperienza anche nella
realizzazione di soluzioni speciali.

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