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Cersaie 2011 new exhibit concept

Samo’s presence at fair events will be taking on a new look, with an exhibition concept that’s more spectacular and distinctive than ever, backed by the profound conviction that the shower is increasingly a medium through which extraordinary experiences are to be had.
Extraordinary is indeed the best word to describe the display Samo will be presenting on the fair circuit this year, with a series of contrasts offering alternative interpretations of space: warm and cool colours, semifinished and sophisticated materials, a skilful balance of light and shade, nature and technology, dreams and reality.
These sensory stimuli can be perceived from both the inside and outside, creating an ongoing dialogue between the essential and the elaborate. As regards materials, the exterior is in rough cement, in stark contrast with the beautifully refined interior fittings and the curtains that add a light, airy touch to the setting.

The spectacular effect created in the exhibition space is clearly reminiscent of a kaleidoscope in which the real world and the world of dreams are fused seamlessly, experientially together: during the day, a variety of dazzling atmospheres, generated by highly emotive colours, sounds and images, envelop the visitor in a delicate, airy setting, thanks to a dream-like representation of nature that conjures up an ever-changing atmosphere. There is a strong focus on the products, on the other hand, in the dedicated perimeter areas, “places” in which the accent is on light, peace, relaxation, an absence of colour, and where it is the shower solutions that shine forth, creating a tangible sensation of wellbeing. The convivial setting is represented by the large central square, the “forum” in which people can socialise and acquire an overview of the products before deciding which wellness situation they’d like to explore in depth.