Serie Vis

Quadrant enclosure with four panels

Round enclosure with four panels, two lateral fixed panels and two frontal outward opening pivot doors.
Folding panels opening through ar ticulated outwards hinges at 180°.
Stainless steel brilliant profiles.




Article Extension [cm] Opening [cm]
B8473 75,5-77,5 72
B8472 85,5-87,5 72

spare parts

RIC871C - Chromed hinge unit (nr.2 pieces)
RIC1101 - 180° gasket connection angulars unit
RIC1103C - Breakwater unit
RIC1414LUC - Wall profile
RIC1418LUC - Handle (1 door)
RIC1620 - Magnetic gaskets unit 180°
RIC1627 - Wall fastening screw unit
RIC1643 - Gasket unit
RIC1646 - Stop glass panel elements unit