Serie Open Spin

Rounded corner

Starting from the design concept of the wide glass panels of 8 mm with height of 200 cm that decorate in an important way the bathroom or other home environment, Samo presents Open Spin, the shower solution which originates from the Open Sway: the glass panel and the shower tray have been rotated giving a drop shape to the whole solution; it has been also accompanied by a door, closing the space in a sort of glass bubble.





Fixed Wall
Article Heigh [cm] Opening [cm]
B4966-F 206 7
Single pivot door
Article Heigh [cm] Opening [cm]
B4966-B 206 70

spare parts

RIC863C - N°1 chromed knob for interior handle unit
RIC864C - N°1 chromed external handle without knobs
RIC1116ULU - Breakwater unit ULU
RIC1199C - Articulated joint cams unit
RIC1335ULU - Vertical wall profile ULU
RIC1393ULU - Breakwater unit
RIC1394ULU - Wall profile
RIC1395ULU - N°1 closing cover
RIC1396ULU - White panel superior support unit
RIC1397 - Magnetic gaskets unit
RIC1398 - Nr. 1 Lower waterdrip gasket + corner elements
RIC1648 - Magnetic gasket unit 45° Open