Serie America

Quadrant shower enclosure with two panels

Quadrant enclosure with two panels, lateral opening with sliding door (one fixed and one can be opened).





Article Extension [cm] Opening [cm]
B6864 71.5-75.5 49
B6863 76-80 50
B6862 86-90 55

spare parts

RIC879 - Cap unit wall profiles
RIC879ULU - Cap unit wall profiles
RIC880 - Wall fastening screw unit
RIC880ULU - Wall fastening screw unit
RIC1410L01 - Wall profile
RIC1410SAR - Wall profile
RIC1410ULU - Wall profile
RIC1598L01 - White handle unit
RIC1598ULU - Chromed handle unit
RIC1599L01 - White magnetic gasket unit
RIC1599ULU - Grey magnetic gasket unit
RIC1600L01 - Sliding unit (1 complete box)
RIC1600ULU - Sliding unit (1 complete box)