Serie America

Offset quadrant enclosure with four panels

Of fset quadrant enclosure with four panels, central opening with sliding doors (two lateral fixed and two frontal can be opened).





Article Extension [cm] Opening [cm]
B6893 66-70/86.5-90.5 40
B6895 76-80/96.5-100.5 40
B6892 76-80/116.5-120.5 40

spare parts

RIC879 - Cap unit wall profiles
RIC879ULU - Cap unit wall profiles
RIC880 - Wall fastening screw unit
RIC880ULU - Wall fastening screw unit
RIC896 - Gasket unit
RIC1410L01 - Wall profile
RIC1410SAR - Wall profile
RIC1410ULU - Wall profile
RIC1598L01 - White handle unit
RIC1598ULU - Chromed handle unit
RIC1599L01 - White magnetic gasket unit
RIC1599ULU - Grey magnetic gasket unit
RIC1600L01 - Sliding unit (1 complete box)
RIC1600ULU - Sliding unit (1 complete box)