Stonefit Wall Panels and Shower Trays

The constant development of samo products is enriched with SHOWER TRAYS, in order to meet the increasingly growing demand of the market, which considers the bathroom as a wide area, equipped with a shower tray and enhanced with various accessories. In the offer of shower trays, the Trendy solutions stand out for their size and peculiar forms, the innovative materials such as Stonefit, Stone and Stonecril with their special characteristics, and the enviable “velvet” touch effect. Particularly appreciated are our Wall Panels, the ideal solution to renovate the shower area when removing and replacing an existing bath tub. The Classic range includes a broad variety of methacrylate and Policril solutions. The shower tray inserts with their original design complete the section; made of a top-quality sea wood multilayer of Finnish birch, they are available in different measures, forms and finishing.

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Al fine di rispondere alle frequenti esigenze di personalizzazione non solo per realtà abitative,
ma anche di specifiche realtà come Hotel, Motorhome, Navi da crociera, Beauty farm,
Samo ha maturato una lunga esperienza anche nella
realizzazione di soluzioni speciali.

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